:: why do we love men ::

why do we love men?

Why are we happy that men exists? Why do we need them? We are tempted many times to say that we don't need men but let's try to remember. Girls, why do we want him. Here is the list with reasons which will answer to our question " Why do we love men?"

  • bcoz they know how make a separation between emotional problems n rational ones. 
  • bcoz they don't get frightened n they always save us from that huge spider on da wall. 
  • bcoz u can see how happy they bcome when they r winners in a game. 
  • bcoz without doing sport, they get even fatter than us, gurls.
  • bcoz they offer us their coat when we are freezing. 
  • bcoz they carefully supervise how much money we spend. 
  • bcoz they open the door in front of us and they carry our bags full with new bought clothes. 
  • bcoz they always protect us. 
  • bcoz we can call them when we have problems with our car. 
  • bcoz their tummy turns bigger after drinking a water. 
  • bcoz men are best cookers in the world although ur lover doesn't know to cook. 
  • bcoz they say u look well even when u don't. 
  • bcoz they don't get upset bcoz u hv spent the last money on a pair of shoes. 
  • bcoz they accept to go at shopping with us, even if we spend a whole day doing this. 
  • bcoz they succeed in making us feel happy day by day. 
  • bcoz they exist and without them our life will be too monotonous.

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